Born for a beautiful architectural space

The grey blue background of phantom grey marble is like a The Blue Danube written by a musician, which is the artistic temperament flowing in the vast universe. It is the gray between black and white, the color of wisdom, it is calm and low-key, but can accommodate all colors. Touching its gray texture, such as hearing the designer playing notes in the space with gray marble, brings people a natural, elegant, and unique beautiful feeling.

Until it collides with the design force for a moment,

Inspiration that inspires people to shake their hearts

I carry the weight of life, fearlessly bearing the weight

Wisdom nobility elegance

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Phantom gray marble is produced in Ruichang City, Jiangxi Province, known as the "Source of Chinese Bronze".

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The end does not stop here|Toward the future with a sincere heart

MADE FOR A BEAUTIFUL ARCHITECTURAL SPACE — Phantom Grey    Dancing Life Marble,a favorite in the art world and a medium of art. Titled “Dance·Motion”, it connects the interaction between humans and nature. Spatial aesthetics represents the aesthetics of life. The interaction and reflection…

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