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Group Introduction

Phantom grey marble is produced in Ruichang City, Jiangxi Province, known as the “Source of Chinese Bronze”. Ruichang City is rich in natural resources and has a profound cultural heritage. Based on the origin of the millennium old Tongling Copper Mine Site, the continuation of the millennium old bronze and industrial civilization has endowed the Mirage Grey Marble Mine with unique historical and cultural advantages. The Mirage Grey Marble Mine is surrounded by mountains and has unique mineral types. Its rare natural advantages make Mirage Grey Marble stand out among numerous stone varieties. The Phantom Grey Marble Mine mainly mines gray marble raw stones used for building decoration.

Phantom Grey Marble was introduced to the market in 2019. Due to its natural material properties, color patterns that match the mainstream style in the market, and presenting a low-key luxury and elegant taste, it stood out among many marble varieties in just a few years. The high-end hotels, office buildings, villas, home decor, clubs, and other space cases created by Phantom Grey Marble perfectly demonstrate the high-end, personalized, and natural characteristics of contemporary designers’ ultimate pursuit of spatial art.


Total Mining Area


Annual Mining Area


million tons
Annual Mining Scale


cubic meters
Architectural and decorative raw stones


million tons​
Metallurgy/construction and comprehensive utilization of crushed stones


Pragmatic / Resilient / Grateful / Enterprising

From mines to end customers, the operation team of Phantom Grey Marble always adheres to the business philosophy of “integrity and mutual benefit, symbiosis and win-win”, with customer needs as the core, and providing high-quality products and services for customers as the goal. Down-to-earth operation of mines, quality and quantity output of products, integrity first service to customers. Sincerely looking forward to creating wealth with every partner!

Shifeng Wang, the owner of Phantom Grey (Ruichang Grey) mine, expressed that the quality of Phantom Grey (Ruichang Grey) marble, the pragmatic and dedicated management team, and the true spirit of the people of Ruichang are perfectly aligned. The hardworking people of Ruichang will surely lead Phantom Grey (Ruichang Grey) to go deep into the country and step onto the world stage!


Technological / Power / Affinity / Upward



Phantom Grey Mining Company Established


Phantom Grey Mine Extracts First Batch of Phantom Grey Marble


Phantom Grey Marble Paves to the Market


Phantom Grey Mine Passed Green Mine Acceptance and Implemented a Marketing System